Sunset at Barnegat Lighthouse NJ

Yes, I am Back!

Summer is here and I like to go to the beach. This was two weeks ago. I went to Barnegat Lighthouse. Beautiful place to visit. A lot of people fishing in here, walking or just relaxing and watching the sunset. The Sunset is so Beautiful…WOW. I enjoyed every second.

What I wore!

I wore something light and comfy. My blouse and short  from H&M.  This  blouse is nice – just perfect color for the beach. I had a sweater wrapped because the weather changes at night. I love these Adidas sneakers perfect for walking. I enjoyed every second in here. I’ll be back for another beautiful Sunset.

Note these beautiful Lighthouse photos are available for Note Cards, Coasters, Keychain, and Glossy Print.

This will make perfect gift or for your home. Please let me know.

Beautiful Coasters are available at

Beautiful Yellow Bracelet at

Xo, Joice.

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