Wildwood Beach & White Dress

 ~ About the Weekend ~

Summer time is the Beach time for me. Few weeks ago I went to Wildwood Beach, NJ. I love this place. It’s perfect for family and friends. I like the colorful storages in here. I think it’s cool. Also the Wildwood sign and colorful beach balls are beautiful. Long walk to the water but it’s nice. The sands are soft. Boardwalk also offering a lot of activities. Great beach, beautiful view and FREE.

What I wore,

I wore Zara white dress. This is nice beach dress. Adding beautiful accessories: Sunglasses, white and red hat to match my dress and Jewelry. I like to look fab and fun in the Beach. 

The most important: Had a great time.




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I love my weekend.

Xo, Joice.

Sunset at Barnegat Lighthouse NJ

Yes, I am Back!

Summer is here and I like to go to the beach. This was two weeks ago. I went to Barnegat Lighthouse. Beautiful place to visit. A lot of people fishing in here, walking or just relaxing and watching the sunset. The Sunset is so Beautiful…WOW. I enjoyed every second.

What I wore!

I wore something light and comfy. My blouse and short  from H&M.  This  blouse is nice – just perfect color for the beach. I had a sweater wrapped because the weather changes at night. I love these Adidas sneakers perfect for walking. I enjoyed every second in here. I’ll be back for another beautiful Sunset.


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Xo, Joice.

Inner Harbor at Baltimore 

Photo by Me & Joe Brinkerhoff 
Few weeks ago I went to Inner Harbor Baltimore….love it. I love this beautiful place, a lot to see. It has beautiful Landmark and Baltimore History. Also, National Aquarium. I like the water Taxi. Perfect place for weekend or vacation. 

I wore beautiful Skirt from H&M and Faith & Fab T’shirt by me. T’shirt is available at www.blesslycreations.etsy.com . My sneakers are Converse. They are comfy, perfect for walking. I had a beautiful weekend.



Faith & Fab T’shirt 

Beautiful Skirt

Have a blessed day!

Xo, Joice

Watching Beautiful Sunset with White Overall

Photo by Joe & Joice Brinkerhoff 


This was Sunday at Success Lake New Jersey. Amazing View!  I can’t describe with words. 

I was wearing Overalls (Oldnavy), Top (Banana Republic), Cardigan (H&M) and Shoes (Dolce Vita).

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Xo, Joice


Long Jacket & Jeans

Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff 

It’s Spring!

I wore classic long jacket. I added chiffon blouse, jeans and comfy shoes. It’s good to have classic long jacket in the closet. This jacket from H&M (under $30), it’s great jacket. I love chiffon blouse, it’s light and comfy. Banana Republic chiffon blouse (under $20). DIY jeans (my husband jeans), Dolce Vita shoes (under $30). They are perfect combo.

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Dolce Vita Shoes

Flower Shoes


Xo, Joice


Suits with Oxford Shoes 


 Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff

It was Easter Sunday! 

I wore Suits and Oxford Shoes. I added beautiful blouse from Worthington and Coach handbag. The Calvin Klein Suits  under $60 at Burlington Coat Factory and the Boss Oxford Shoes under $20 at Ross dress for less. I love the color.  It was perfect for Easter and beautiful for Spring. I had a great Easter Day with my Family (Church and Lunch).

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Oxford Shoes 

Spring Sandals


Xo, Joice.

Floral Shoes 

Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff 

This was Sunday after Church!

First day of spring with Floral Shoes. I love these Floral Shoes, they are comfortable…look fab and perfect for sightseeing. The sweater and Jacket from H&M, Yellow Pants (Counterparts). Perfect outfits for Spring.

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Beautiful Handbag 
 Floral Shoes

Xo, Joice


Denim Overalls with Boots

Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff 

Yay…..yay…Overall is back! 

This was Sunday afternoon, I love go to the park. The weather was little bit cold but was nice day. This is a beautiful place, it has amazing view. I love this place. Nice place to relax or spending time with family and friends.

I love fashion, I wore Overall from Old Navy and Sweater from H&M. The Overall under $30 and Sweater is $7 (Great Deals). I added Boots from Sociology. They are fab and keep me warm. Perfect Outfit for the weekend!

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YFunFabJewelry by Joice

 Beautiful Coach Wristlet 

XO, Joice

My Trip to New York (Brooklyn Bridge and Charging Bull)







Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff 

Last week my husband took me to New York City that was amazing. It was nice day and nice weather. We had a great time. We walked almost five hours just sightseeing. Brooklyn Bridge has amazing view and Charging Bull is very famous Bull in NYC. Both places are very famous. I love New York. 

I was wearing Top from Rampage and Bottom from H&M. They are light (perfect for the weather). This was the first time I wore mix print. I added Bb Dakota Vast. They are perfect combo. I wore Dolce Vita sandals, they are fab and comfy.

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Xo, Joice 


At Laurita Winery NJ

Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff 

 I had an awesome weekend! I went to Laurita Winery with my family. It’s a beautiful place (love the view). It was amazing day. I was wearing black color outfits. I love this casual outfit; it was perfect. I wore Skinny Jeans from H&M, T’shirt and Free People Jacket. I added Converse Sneakers, Coach Crossbody Bag, Sunglasses and Vince Camuto Beanie Hat. Perfect Day and Outfits.

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Have a nice day!

Xo, Joice